We've Added a Custom Packed Box Option for our Island Members for the 2018 Season!



The 2018 Mackinac Island season will run for 19 weeks: starting the week of June 18th and ending the week of October 15th. If you're not on the Island for the full 18 weeks, we're happy to custom the shares at 10-week minimums, please contact us for more details.


Traditional Share

We offer two share sizes for the traditional shares. Small shares contain 6-8 items a week and are good for 1-2 people and large shares that contain 9-12 items and are good for 3-4 people. Our prices reflect the necessary delivery and box costs, thus the prices are a bit higher compared to our mainland share prices.

  • Small share - $339 + $72 delivery (~$23/week) = $411
  • Large share - $509 + $72 delivery (~$32/week) = $581

Custom Packed Share

Starting this year, we will be offering full customization for our Mackinac Island members. You will purchase a share for $387, which includes two components: online store credit and delivery charges. These delivery charges equate to $4 per week over the 18-week delivery season (the same as we charge for Traditional Shares), which includes delivery to Sheplers dock, freight charges to the Island from Sheplers, and our box cost. This leaves you with credit of $350 to be used to purchase items through our online store; there is no separate charge for packing your box each week, so it is totally up to you how much produce you want each week. All of your credit must be used by the end of the 18 week season or you will forfeit your remaining balance. While we would like to allow everyone to carry any unused balance from year to year, it makes it much more complicated to plan our finances and production for each year.

  • $350 credit ($315 with 10% discount) + $72 delivery (for 18 weeks) = $387


Shares/orders will be delivered to the Island on Saturday mornings via Shelpers Freight Service and will be available for pick-up at the Star Line main dock at 8am. Unlike 2017, we will only be offering pick-up at the dock. Shares will be packaged in produce boxes lined with a plastic liner bag. This is the same process we use with our mainland shares and we find that the shares keep in perfect condition for our 5-hour long share pick-ups during the farmers' market. Thus, pick-ups can happen throughout the day at your convenience, but the earlier the better. We will send more detailed pick-up instructions prior to the start of pick-ups.