Farm Card

Now offering no-charge online ordering for farm card member purchases over $15!

The farm card is designed for the utmost flexibility. We provide you with a prepaid debit card to use at our farmer's market booth or our online store from early March through December. You can use it as often as you'd like to buy as much or as little as you'd like. Just need to stop by to pick up a bunch of carrots, no problem! Got lots of guests in town and planning a big meal? No problem there, either! Going on vacation and not going to be able to pick up? Problem solved!

You'll be able to buy everything from produce and flowers, to canning tomatoes and eggs with your card. 

Consider our farm card if you...

  • ...enjoy picking out your own produce.
  • ...need varying amounts of produce week-to-week (go on vacation, cook for company, etc.).
  • ...frequently shop at our farmer’s market booth.
  • ...want to commit to supporting local farming.

We will be growing over 40 varieties of vegetables and herbs, along with a wide range of flowers on over four acres to keep our market booth well-stocked with all your favorites.


All farm card members will receive a convenient pre-loaded debit card to use during your visits. You'll also receive our weekly member e-Newsletter, and invitations to our member tours and other member events.


Once you register, you'll receive your debit card in the mail, pre-loaded with your credit. Once the season is about to get rolling, we'll send you an e-mail to remind you. From there you have the option of visiting the farmers' market and shopping there, using your debit card for payment, or you can place an order online for convenient pick-up at any of our traditional share pick-up locations, paying with your card at pick-up. Starting in 2018, we will waive the $2 packing fee on farm card online orders over $15! 


You can find us at the Cheboygan Farmers' Market from 8-1 on Wednesday and Saturday in Festival Square during the summer season from early June through the end of October. If you're busy during the market, you can place orders online to pick up at one of our farm share pick-up locations.

Please note: St. Ignace members are more than welcome to purchase a farm card to place weekly online orders. A $2 weekly delivery charge will be added to the cost of your share at checkout, as it is for our traditional share members. 


You can initially load your card with a $350 credit at a cost of $315 (10% off). If you use up your initial $350, you have an option to purchase an additional $100 in credit for $85 (15% off). Should you use up this additional $100, you'll have the ability to buy an additional $100 in credit at a cost of $75 (25% off). Thus, the more you buy, the more you save!

Credit Purchased Cost
$350 $315 (10%)
First $100 Reload +$85 (15%)
Second $100 Reload +$75 (25%)
Additional Reloads +$75 (25%)

The Fine Print:

Debit cards and any unused credit expire at the end of the 2018 farm share season. While we would love to carry over balances from year-to-year, it makes our production and financial planning significantly more complex. Also, on occasion, we may stock items from other local producers in our online store (maple syrup, apples, etc.). However, because of the difficulty planning financially, farm cards can only be used to purchase products produced by our farm (you are more than welcome to add products from other producers to your order, but we will require an alternate form of payment) . Any lost debit card will incur a $5 replacement fee.


Work Shares

Like the idea of spending some time on the farm each week? We’ve got four workshare openings for 2018. In exchange for two hours a week over our 18-week farm share season, you will receive your choice of a Traditional Share or a Farm Card!