Farm Share (CSA) Program

Join over 100 of your friends and neighbors as a member of one of our farm share programs. From our traditional share to our farm card, the one thing these shares all offer is our fresh, healthy and delicious produce straight from our farm! 

When you join your friends and neighbors in our farm share program, it not only secures your share of our tasty veggies, but your collective support allows us to purchase the seeds, fertilizer and all of the growing materials we need for another successful season.


Traditional Share

A convenient, pre-packed box filled with the farmer's choice of vegetables each week. The seasonal changes make each box a little bit like opening a Christmas gift; a great choice for those that like getting a bit adventurous in the kitchen.

Farm Card

Flexibility and choice are the name of the game here! Purchase a credit to the farm at an exclusive discount and shop at the farmers' market or order online for convenient pick-up. Buy only what you want when you want it!

sample share1.jpg

mackinac island shares

You will have the choice of signing up for a Traditional Share or, new for 2018,  purchasing a credit for online orders for ultimate flexibility. Shares are packed and delivered to the island for you to simply pick up at the ferry docks.


Interested in doing some work on the farm in exchange for a credit towards a farm share? We offer workshares in exchange for farm credit.