Fresh, Local, Sustainable

Cheboygan, Michigan


Meet the Farmers

With big ambitions to start a small-scale, bio-sustainable farm, we planted our first seeds in 2014 on land that Greta's family has been farming since the 1800's. Looking back, it's good we had that ambition, as we were lacking one minor detail: practical experience. Neither of us had any background growing anything at the scale we planned to do and to say there's a steep learning curve to farming might be a bit of an understatement. Needless to say, we've had our share of challenges, but we've learned (and at times battled) our way through it. What started as one small table at the Cheboygan farmers' market in 2014, has turned into a few tables at the market and a 100+ member farm share program. 

For us, farming is more than just growing produce, its about squashing the rumor that you can't make a living farming in a small town and the stigma of the struggling farmer. It's about dreaming big and overcoming obstacles, no matter how devastating they seem at the time. It's about keeping the Cheboygan farming culture alive and all of the great friendships we've made in the process. We're passionate about what we do and we hope it shows in the quality of everything we produce! 

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-Brendan & Greta

Farm-Fresh Produce

Just like it came out of Grandma's Garden!

You'll never want to buy produce from the grocery store again! Fresh from our small local farm to you; over 40 varieties, from the popular to the unique, all hand-harvested and washed to give you only the freshest, longest-lasting produce you can buy! If you want to buy our lettuce heads just because they look like flower bouquets or our radishes because they're so clean they don't look real, well, you wouldn't be the first, and we surely won't judge you for it. Just don't forget to eat them, because they taste as good as they look!

We eat all of the crops we grow, so we grow it the way we feel safe eating it!

We believe the key to growing great crops is to maintain great soil that is full of life.  To do so, we keep our spraying to a minimum, using only organic-approved pesticides at the lightest effective dose. We refrain from using destructive chemical fertilizers and pesticides and rely heavily on compost and cover crops to build fertility and prevent erosion throughout the growing season. 

Where to find our produce:

Farmers' Markets

June Through October

Wednesdays & Saturdays, 8am to 1pm. Cheboygan Farmers' Market, Festival Square, downtown Cheboygan

Wednesdays, 2:30pm to 6pm, Indian River Farmers' Market, across from Indian River Public Library, downtown Indian River


Mother Nature's Remedies (402 N. Main Street, Chebogan) - limited selection, including microgreens, pea shoots and carrots.

Restaurants (seasonality may impact what we carry)

Nourish (329 N. Main Street, Cheboygan)

Nauti Inn (330 N. Main Street, Cheboygan)

Pier M33 on the Cheboygan (9500 N M-33, Cheboygan)

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Farm Share (CSA) Program

Join over 100 of your friends and neighbors as a member of one of our farm share programs. From our traditional share to our farm card, the one thing these shares all offer is our fresh, healthy and delicious produce straight from our farm! 

When you join your friends and neighbors in our farm share program, it not only secures your share of our tasty veggies, but your collective support allows us to purchase the seeds, fertilizer and all of the growing materials we need for another successful season.


Traditional Share

A convenient, pre-packed box filled with the farmer's choice of vegetables each week. The seasonal changes make each box a little bit like opening a Christmas gift; a great choice for those that like getting a bit adventurous in the kitchen.

Farm Card

Flexibility and choice are the name of the game here! Purchase a credit to the farm at an exclusive discount and shop at the farmers' market or order online for convenient pick-up. Buy only what you want when you want it!

sample share1.jpg

mackinac island shares

You will have the choice of signing up for a Traditional Share or, new for 2018,  purchasing a credit for online orders for ultimate flexibility. Shares are packed and delivered to the island for you to simply pick up at the ferry docks.


Interested in doing some work on the farm in exchange for a credit towards a farm share? We offer workshares in exchange for farm credit.



In just a couple short years, Greta has become known throughout Cheboygan for her hard-to-pronounce, gorgeous and long-lasting cut flowers. What began as a hobby with a few dahlia plants, quickly turned into dozens of varieties of flowers and thousands of individual blooms. Our use of hoophouses allows us to grow some more unique varieties that wouldn't otherwise grow in our area. 

You can find our beautiful blooms at our farmers' market booth starting in late June through October. Want 9 weeks of flowers with your veggies? Be sure to add them to your farm share! Otherwise, Greta will accommodate made-to-order bouquets during our peak season, which can be purchased right in our store!

Pastured Eggs

Our chickens get to live the real life of a chicken, and what a life it is!

We work hard to keep our flock of 150+ layer hens producing the best quality eggs the area has to offer. Fed non-GMO, Northern Michigan-grown grain, our hens are allowed to spend their days ranging their pasture in search of all the greens and bugs they can consume, taking dust baths and just acting like chickens. This low-stress life keeps them producing lots of high quality, nutritious eggs. Their pasture is improved with a mix of clover and fescue, both highly desired by them, to increase their consumption of greens and improve the egg quality. The hens are closed up in the coop at dusk to keep predators away and let out bright and early in the morning to start another fun day of being a chicken!

We rotationally graze the hens through our recently planted cider apple orchard, the hens keep the bugs and weeds down, while their manure fertilizes the trees. Rotating the hens ensures that no area is too heavily impacted from their presence. The trees will eventually provide shade and protection from predators to the hens, while allowing us to generate more income from the pasture; a win-win for everybody.

You can find our eggs at the Farmers' Market or add them to your Farm Share.